A cool book on negotiating with sword and spirit


I just finished reading a book called The Sword and the Spirit written by a good friend of mine, Andre Bello (www.andrebello.com)

Written in the form of a medieval fable, the book is actually a brilliant exposition and description of the underlying principles and distinctions that make for powerful negotiating. I just read it through in one sitting, and really enjoyed not only the story, but learning what I did wrong in past negotiations.

I even started looking forward to my next negotiation, which would be an opportunity to put to use what I’ve learned!

The book is divided into two parts. The first part is the story of a kingdom that is under threat of attack by a neighbouring country. If you’ve read other business “stories” such as The Goal by Eli Goldratt, you’ll recognize some of the same kinds of characters — there is the young thinker, the wise sages, the gradual awakening to the new knowledge, the dilemma to be resolved etc.

The second part of the book lays out the principles that are contained in the book, written in linear fashion. Andre assures me that there is more to the book than he put in the principles, but that remains to be discovered by the ardent practitioner!

Congrats to him on an excellent exposition, and one that I hope is used widely across our region, as we have our fair share of unresolved disputes that have lead to loss of jobs, profits and benefits to our economies.

Andre is a Trini who is living in Jamaica (and loving it from what I can tell…)

The Sword and The Spirit by Andre Bello
ISBN 976-8194-57-X