Starting an ezine


A few years ago, our firm had an email magazine that was a terror to create, and even harder to send out using old-style majordomo commands.

They were sent out, and no-one had any idea whether or not they reached their destination, let alone if any of them were even read.

Today, the progress in this area is amazing just amazing. I had no idea so much had happened since I last shopped around, and how much capability is available in systems that cost around $20 per month.

As I am putting together my new ezine I have been researching what is available on the web. As could be expected, I am looking for the most recent offerings and the latest services, and at reports that compare one service against another.

I was secretly hoping that there would be a book that I could buy, but the truth is that books written about anything related to the internet are out of date by the time they are even published. It makes me wary about writing a book in print, rather than an ebook or a blog, or ezine.

I found myself looking at the very latest information, all of which was developed in the past 3 months or so. Anything written before that was based on what had already become very old and stale information.

That is how quickly technology in the field changes, and while I can remember buying books about “The Internet” and “Email” the fact is that they were almost useless by the time I bought them in 1994. Today, they would be completely useless.

Clearly, in the past 12 years or so something profound has happened on the planet in the life of many persons.