A Trinidad–Jamaica Chamber of Commerce


It is an idea whose time has come.

Beyond the differences in food, accent, holidays, ethnicities and culture there is much for the business communities of Trinidad and Jamaica to work together to accomplish. A Trinidadian Jamaican Chamber of Commerce seems like the perfect kind of forum in which it should take place.

Now, to find others who agree!

In the current study we are conducting on Trinidadian executives working in Jamaica, there is much that we are discovering that so many have in common.

The same thought struck me when our firm conducted the Caribbean Acquisition Project, and we discovered that there were all these similar stories of “coming to Jamaica” among the manager-emigrees. I wished at that time that I could gather everyone together in one room, put on the drinks and just lime away until each issue was addressed.

That was not too realistic, but it occurred to us as if conducting a study would be the next best step.

Now, 5 years later, it seems as if we are ready for more. How about a Trini-Jam Chamber of Commerce?

Apart from the obvious social benefits that such a lime would produce (my wife is Trini) I think it could be good for business. I imagine 2 sister organizations, one in Kingston and the other in Port of Spain.

Here is a possible list of topics to be tabled from the very beginning:

  • travelling to work between Trinidad and Jamaica (work permits, CARICOM Skills Certificates etc.)
  • welcoming and preparing new executives
  • promoting and changing laws related to trade, immigration, taxes, joint ventures
  • giving export and import advice
  • starting new businesses in each country
  • provide needed business intelligence
  • sourcing timely market information, news and trends
  • learning how to manage across the cultures

Now… as I said before… to find others who agree.