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Framework One-Page DigestIssue 1.0 Oct 2006

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Quality Consultants (website): As far we know, there is only one company in the region that has done employee opinion surveys across several countries. Their database is the deepest that we know of, and can end any speculation you might have about the scores you received on the last company survey. (online newspaper): Simply the best one-page source of news across the region, issued three times per week. Available via website or email.

Accountability (Framework white paper): We believe that this particular value is critical to the success of Caribbean companies. Learn how to create a culture filled with this ethos in this paper.

Trinidad-Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (online discussion): Too much suspicion and misunderstanding remains between the business-people of these two regional leaders. Read about, and comment on an idea whose time has come. Stay tuned for more.

Did you miss the Framework white paper?
The Service Inventory: A Tool for Touch-Point Analysis. Gearing your Caribbean company to develop a precise customer experience.

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