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Framework One-Page DigestIssue 10.0

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Getting Things Done (time management): If there is one common area that professionals everywhere must continue to master, it is time management. This site, based on the book by David Allen, is the best resource on the web, and the perfect compliment to his book by the same name.

Google (Blog/News) Reader (web service): If you are a heavy blog reader, then it’s time you stopped skipping from one blog to another to find out whether anything new has been added. Google’s reader picks up the latest entries and puts them all in one place, saving you time and effor. While you’re at it, add in our company blog to get the region’s latest ideas for running your business.

CANA News Agency(online news service): For regional news that is timely and far-reaching, this source can be viewed as an RSS feed — by the same Google Reader described above. (Framework video): This link will take you my own bio — which is not the point — but it has a video introduction at the bottom of the page that demonstrates the power of YouTube by example. I love how easy it is to use, and the world it opens up. Coming up soon: a full speech on techniques for Caribbean networking.

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In FirstCuts, our monthly ezine, we share our newest management ideas in depth. In the latest issue: “Delegating in Caribbean Companies” we look at why finding and training replacement managers is so difficult for executives in the region.

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A Caribbean Approach to Time Management: we are developing it, and we are sharing the content as we go along — warts and all. Add a comment and tell us what you think.

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