Bombastic Trinidadians


Dawn Rich started off her column in the Sunday Gleaner with the following:

Any reader will know that I think the country’s domestic financial sector was handed to Trinidad and Barbados on a platter. By any measure this is a strategic industry.

Also by any measure there is nothing more bombastic than a Trinidadian. The Barbadians are still conscious of the fact that they occupy a little atoll, even if its real estate prices now beat those of the Bahamas, which were high to begin with. Their sea-front villas are being snapped up by rich people from the industrialised world. As a direct consequence, the Barbadian prime minister has had to defend himself against charges of selling out the country to rich foreigners. In effect, he’s replied that he doesn’t regret it.

This is a heck of a diatribe, and is worth reading in its entirety, by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “Bombastic Trinidadians

  1. Gabrielle

    AS a Trinidadian, I have taken offense to Dawn Ritche’s vile atttack on my country and my people, with her wild and inaccurate statements. (Actually its quite hilarious)

    As as a supposedly esteemed journalist, she should feel ashamed of herself and should resign immediately. She seems a bitter woman with not just a chip, but a stone wall on her shoulders.

    Nobody wants to come here? Where does she get off? I work in a place with a world of foreigners and there are streets and palces in T’dad where u hear solely Spanish, German or some other Language. Ritch needs to get her facts straight. A lot of people still want to come here… People don’t get shot off their bicycles like fowls for kicks nor do we hack open preganant women’s stomachs… neither do we have dons… or deprive our people from using recreational spots by charging astronomical fees to go to beaches; and I needn’t go on.

    But unlike Ritch, I will not brand or right-off the people of Jamaica because of some misdirected individuals in that country. I am more mature than that.

    How can we as a region have Caribbean unity when people are still harbouring petty, tribal jealousies: “Jamiaca is supposed to be the leader of the Caribbean.” She cried. So there in lies the core of the problem. Why can’t we as a Caribbean people appreciate that each island jewel of the archipelago has its own uniqueness. Some of us are “wealthy” and some of us have “wealth” of a different kind– beaches and nature etc… This is the same kind of antagonistic and acrid mind that drove Hitler into doing what he did to Germany and Europe. He too thought that: Germany is supposed to be the leader of Europe–the world.

    Good grief, Ritch needs to stop behaving like a spoiled child and grow up quickly.

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