The Difference an Engaged Employee Makes


In a recent Trinidad Newsday article, a colleague of mine, Kwame Charles, makes the following observations:

Research findings:

The SHRM article highlights several research findings on employee engagement that demonstrate its link to competitiveness. Some of these findings are as follows:

  • Highly engaged employees perform 20% better than disengaged employees and are 87% less likely to leave their organisation.
  • Engaged employees work harder, are more loyal and are more likely to “go the extra mile” than disengaged employees.
  • Engaged employees have been found to be five times less likely to have a safety incident and seven times less likely to have a lost-time accident than disengaged employees. In one study, the average cost of a safety accident for engaged employees was US$63, while the average cost for disengaged employees was US$392. This company was able to save over a million US dollars by increasing employee engagement.

Interesting, especially given my estimate that some 60-80% of Caribbean employees are disengaged.

Dr. Kwame Charles

2 thoughts on “The Difference an Engaged Employee Makes

  1. Terrence Seamon

    Today we hear a lot about engagement and disengagement. How do they differ from motivation and de-motivation?

    Engagement is the new motivation, I think.

    Do managers know how to engage employees? Do managers have the required leadership capabilities?



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