2 thoughts on “FirstCuts15.0 — Having a Vision vs. Being a Visionary Leader

  1. Brigitt

    Visionary leaders? Are we ready? Quite simply, no. Our organizations for the most part reflect an old way of thinking. Today’s industires do not require the old structures. We must be able to be ambidexterous and encourage deviant (positive) thinking. How many of us can say that our CEOs actually encourage dissent within the Management team. Dissent may have prevented the Challenger disaster.

    The charge of a visonary leader is not just to have grand ideas, but to be able to craft, lead change and challenge and build relationships.

    The challenges are many, but that just means the work is just beginning, we have to remember we are trying to ‘herd butterflies’ here in the Caribbean. Bring out the nets!

  2. fwade

    The word you used — ambidextrous – I think is critical here.

    Earlier, I wrote an article on “the Opposable Mind” taken from an HBR article.

    It takes courage to think differently, and when leaders fail to take the initiative, profits fail.

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