Outsourcing Customer Service


I think it would be a great idea if companies in Jamaica were to outsource their customer service. Apart from the hotels (which give service to tourists and rely on Jamaican pride as an essential component) our service levels are low.

In a prior post I explained that there are three kinds of service: Tourist Service, Friend Service and “Res’ a Dem” Service.

I think that many companies would benefit from simply outsourcing their service to a company that could

  1. train their people to deliver better, more friendly service
  2. hire fewer people
  3. pay them better

There are too many places in Kingston selling expensive goods while delivering service that just does not make the cut. If I were interested in running this customer service business, I would probably partner with a security company (they have experience hiring a lot of people on contract) while developing a method of hiring people who have the ability to give good service.

Actually, the same company would do well in Trinidad and Barbados, where the same problem pertains.