80% + a story = 100%


A foreigner to the Caribbean remarked that it is acceptable to deliver less than complete results here in the Caribbean as long as a good story accompanies the failure.

In other words, we make the mistake to accept, say, 80% of what’s needed plus a good story as equivalent to 100% of what’s needed.

This may very well just be a human tendency that is pronounced in the region, or it might have its roots in plantation slavery — who knows? I am not even sure that it is important to understand the origins, as it might be enough to know that the tendency exists, and this must be factored into the way that everyone from the CEO to first-line supervisors manages regional professionals.

It speaks to the unwillingness we have to confront each other over low performance, and the skill that’s required to confront each other directly. Without it, there is discord, hurt feelings and even violence.