Request The New Networking and Double Your Network


For those who might be interested, I will be releasing a multimedia e-book that I have been writing for some time in June. It’s called “The New Networking: Caribbean Professionals 2008.”

It’s for those who might be interested in Doubling or Tripling the size of their professional network across the Caribbean region, and it’s going to be offered for free on June 21st. I am going to waive the US$39 cost, but I don’t know how long the free offer will run, whether it will be for 24 hours or 24 months… I still haven’t decided. My wife and I are going back and forth on this decision…

Maybe you can help me make up my mind!

To sign up not to receive the e-book for free once it’s released, simply fill out the form at…

Expat Research


In a prior post I mentioned that my wife and I have been focused on writing 2 e-books for expats coming to Jamaica.

As a part of that effort, we have been asking for and receiving input on what information expats have been looking for to help them make the transition.

Apparently, there are very few companies that are doing much to assist their employees, and as I mentioned in a prior issue of FirstCuts called “Expats of the Caribbean,” companies often underestimate the cultural transition that must be made.

Hopefully, if the the e-book makes it to completion, it will help companies do a better job of preparing the way for their expats.

In the meantime, if you are an expat who is coming to Jamaica, you can give us input on the kind of information you are looking for, of were looking for at some point. Either leave me a comment, or send me some email.

Outlook 2007


This has nothing to do with the Caribbean, but I have to add my own words of frustration regarding Outlook 2007.


I am shocked that some development team in Microsoft let it out of the lab and into production.

The only thing it offers of value that I have found is a prettier interface, and a few slightly better options.

Other than that, I am amazed that I upgraded from Outlook XP to Outlook 2007, skipping 1 upgrade, only to arrive here … with a much slower program that bogs down my entire computer when it’s running. I actually cannot afford to run it all the time due to the time it wastes.


Busy Doing Everything Else


It’s been ages since I have posted up on this blog, and it’s not because I have stopped writing.

It’s just that I have been developing other things of interest, namely:

  • A few new e-books for a new expat transition business that my wife and I are starting (see for details.) I learned how to create a wordpress blog from scratch in the process
  • New posts for my a 12 week time management e-course that I am currently trialling with a handful of users (testers). It’s called MyTimeDesign and will be launched soon
  • New content for my time management blog:
  • a bit of content for Moving Back to Jamaica:

Also, I have been planning to move out of blogger and onto WordPress (finally.) This is a year of big moves, as I just moved my website to a new server, and it seems to be working. The learning curve for all these activites has been rather steep, and very IT-intensive.

This is where my engineering background has proven useful. While I have not forgotten how to program, I only “discovered” the php language the other day, so keeping up has been tricky.

At the same time, I have been making a nice long list of the items that I want to write about, but most of them will come when I have moved the blog over to WordPress.

Stay tuned…