Busy Doing Everything Else


It’s been ages since I have posted up on this blog, and it’s not because I have stopped writing.

It’s just that I have been developing other things of interest, namely:

  • A few new e-books for a new expat transition business that my wife and I are starting (see http://transitionsunshine.info for details.) I learned how to create a wordpress blog from scratch in the process
  • New posts for my a 12 week time management e-course that I am currently trialling with a handful of users (testers). It’s called MyTimeDesign and will be launched soon
  • New content for my time management blog: http://2time-sys.com
  • a bit of content for Moving Back to Jamaica: http://francismove.blogspot.com

Also, I have been planning to move out of blogger and onto WordPress (finally.) This is a year of big moves, as I just moved my website to a new server, and it seems to be working. The learning curve for all these activites has been rather steep, and very IT-intensive.

This is where my engineering background has proven useful. While I have not forgotten how to program, I only “discovered” the php language the other day, so keeping up has been tricky.

At the same time, I have been making a nice long list of the items that I want to write about, but most of them will come when I have moved the blog over to WordPress.

Stay tuned…