Expat Research


In a prior post I mentioned that my wife and I have been focused on writing 2 e-books for expats coming to Jamaica.

As a part of that effort, we have been asking for and receiving input on what information expats have been looking for to help them make the transition.

Apparently, there are very few companies that are doing much to assist their employees, and as I mentioned in a prior issue of FirstCuts called “Expats of the Caribbean,” companies often underestimate the cultural transition that must be made.

Hopefully, if the the e-book makes it to completion, it will help companies do a better job of preparing the way for their expats.

In the meantime, if you are an expat who is coming to Jamaica, you can give us input on the kind of information you are looking for, of were looking for at some point. Either leave me a comment, or send me some email.