My Initial Foray Into Selling Information


My first information product that is actually for sale online can be found at

The package of 2 e-books, a discussion forum and a video album was put together to help expats coming to Jamaica, and is currently being sold through June 19th at the above site.

I’ll admit to it being more than a little exciting, especially as all I have done before this is to write and give away free e-books. In fact, I am sure that the number of words I have given away for free outnumbers the words I have sold by a factor of at least 100 to 1!

Not that I regret this choice I made. Far from it. I wouldn’t change a thing if given the chance to repeat it all.

In fact, I believe that the feedback has helped me improve my writing immensely, and the fact that what I write does seem to get read teaches me every couple days or so how to write so that people will read. It makes me think that I am glad I have written blogs for three years before selling an article — paying my dues, so to speak.