NewHabits Programme in Kingston, Jamaica


Recently, on my blog and ezine, I wrote about the scary economic news,
and how it’s deepened the need for productivity solutions. During this recession, we are forced to find ways to do the same or more withmuch less. That goes for companies, and it also goes for careers.

Less people, smaller budgets, little time, a lot of really bad news…

Well, I actually have some good news for those interested in doing the course in Kingston.

I have undertaken a revamp of NewHabits-NewGoals, my (formerly) 2 day programme that has been offered here in Jamaica and in Trinidad.

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With this new design, I decided to incorporate what I learned from the feedback over the past year, and am offering a “hybrid” for the first time.

The new programme consists of a single day of classroom training, which tackles the Essential Fundamentals, plus 12 weeks of online e-learning including live conference calls to review the Essentials and get into the Advanced Fundamentals.

This matches my experience in Kingston and Port of Spain, in which the materials that participants got the most value from came on the first day.

In making this change, I have tried to match the pace of learning — a lot of new stuff in the beginning, with the more advanced stuff coming later, in more digestible chunks. This makes it much easier to accomplish the goals of the programme — to give those who attend
the tools to create a customized time management that fits their life, and their lifestyle.

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The best news of all is that I am able to offer the programme on February 13th at a significant reduction in price, which I know that you’ll appreciate given the times we are in.

What I _cannot_ promise is that the price will remain at J$14,000 (GCT inc.) after the next programme.

In addition, I also can’t promise that the Early Bird or Corporate discounts for registering before January 31st (J$12,000) will be there for everyone who asks for them, as they are limited in number, and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

So, act early, and claim your seat today. Click on the link below and request an invoice today.

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Hope to see you in the class in Kingston, Jamaica,


P.S. Of course, you might also decide to take the 12 week online
programme by itself. If so, the price is being kept at US$99 /
J$8.2k for now, so you can see why NewHabits’ price is good value
for money.

P.P.S If you have questions, you can ask them at my blog at: