Foolproof: SuperNanny and the Dog Whisperer


dog-whisperer-cesar2There are a couple of television shows that I find fascinating in their ability to demonstrate powerful coaching.  They are fool-proof, simply because their coachees are demonstrating which techniques work, and which don’t.

In both cases, the subjects being coached aren’t acting, because they simply aren’t able.  In the case of The Nanny, the coachees are young children, and in the case of the Dog Whisperer, they are canines of all kinds.

I recommend both, but not because I have either kids or puppies.

Instead, both coaches have had to develop a certain level of expertise that is unique, and the successes highlighted in each show can only happen because they have a fine grasp of the tools of their trade.  They are masterful in how they approach each challenge, and when they are around the novice parents and owners that they work with, it’s obvious that they see each situation quite differently from those they are helping.

The response from their advice is immediate and visible, and each show takes pains to show the change that happens in vivid images.

Kudos to them for what they accomplish (even if the utter failures end up on the cutting floor.) They still demonstrate insight and understanding in action, and the results they are able to show in 30 minutes is fascinating to watch.

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