Closing Out “The New Networking”


new-networking-cover-2I recently decided to close out my ebook “The New Networking: Caribbean 2008” at the end of the year, in order to make way for some new ideas and a new e-book at some point.

While I don’t plan to write its successor anytime soon, I recall discovering Facebook just as the ebook was about to be released, and having to “wheel and come again” with a section devoted to that social networking tool. Of course, today Facebook has been supplemented with Twitter… how things change!

Here is the link to the ebook if you don’t have it.  Please pass this information on to your friends also — this will be their last chance to receive the ebook from me: The New Networking: Caribbean 2008

One thought on “Closing Out “The New Networking”

  1. Hi; I just dropped by your blog to check it out, and I went to read the article in your blog post, “Recent Article in the Observer”, but the link doesn’t work. I tried to search for the article on the newspaper site, but I couldn’t find it. Just thought I’d let you know. I tried to comment on the page itself, but it’s closed to commenting. Have a nice weekend!

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