The 6 Modern Symptoms of Time Management


Are You Suffering from the 6 Modern Symptoms of Ineffective Time Management?

In the past, the signs of ‘poor time management’ were obvious, but in today’s age of the “always on” mobile Internet, you could be suffering from the modern symptoms afflicting Jamaican employees.

Many years ago, time management problems were easy to detect: arriving late and missing deadlines were clear red flags. In today’s world, however, things are different – the old symptoms remain, but a number of new ones have appeared, including the following six you may be experiencing today:

1. An Exploded Inbox
Perhaps the best indicator of a productivity problem is the state of your email Inbox. If you have 200 or more read and unread messages, you may believe that you simply get too much email. For you, the fault lies with your company and/or the people in your life; they are the reason you feel guilty and overwhelmed. The numbers don’t lie, however. If your Inbox is in trouble, it’s because your daily practices have made it so.

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