Employee Engagement Compilation


In the Caribbean, the very┬áidea of employee engagement flies in the face of historic reality. For each country, the path towards independence came through the struggle of working people. First, the abomination of slavery had to be overthrown in 1838, then the ordinary worker needed to launch prolonged fights to achieve basic workers rights, an effort which came to a head in the 1930’s.

The success of these challenges to the status quo eventually fueled self-government and eventually led to independence.

That same ethos of resistance exists in today’s societies but today, it’s often misplaced. Now, it often manifests as a general lack of productivity in which workers save their best efforts for weekends. The job is seen as a necessary evil, but hardly an avenue of self-expression or fulfillment.

It’s a situation in which everyone loses.

In this compilation, I share articles written on the challenge of employe engagement which every mid to large-sized company faces in the region. It’s intended audience consists of executives who face a real problem, but have not given up, even though practical answers are hard to come by.