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Our work in the area of strategic planning really took off with the publication of the original Strategy Mapping article published by Drs. Kaplan and Norton in 2000. This tool appeared to be the perfect compliment to the Balanced Scorecard: a way to create a visual representation of a company’s strategic hypothesis and share it with their stakeholders.

Since then, we have pioneered a method for facilitating retreats that was chronicled in the book “Powered by Principle” authored by Amie Devero, a former Framework partner. It includes elements of strategy mapping, the Merlin Process plus other frameworks such that a team of 10-15 can create a long and short term strategy within two intense days. Our clients report that the Balanced Scorecard becomes much easier to create once the right steps have been taken beforehand.

The original approach has been honed over time with further research, plus consultations with Dr. Kaplan. A portion of Francis’ interaction was captured in a podcast which can be heard here. Much of the research has been shared over time with the public in the form of newspaper articles and white papers.

We have also trained scores of strategic planners in both public sessions and within companies. These train-the-trainer efforts have prepared facilitators to tackle the challenge of leading executives in the creation of their plans for gaining competitive advantage and creating shareholder value.

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