HR Consulting Group Formed


For some time, I have wished that I had an informal network of consultants to work with on different projects as they come up.

I have wondered to myself, what does it take for me to get the point where I feel comfortable working with another professional?

First there are the basics.

I have to know who the person is. Remarkably, this is a challenge for many consultants, who as far as I can tell have not found ways to stay on the radar of their clients, prospects and other consultants. I find myself still working very hard to do this, with several monthly products that I hope my clients find useful.

Once I know that a consultant exists, I need to reach a particular level of comfort with them. This has more to do with their competencies, standards and professionalism.

The best way for me to come to know someone in this manner is to start by generating a conversation with me in my blog, or by responding to FirstCuts, or by asking questions that are pertinent to the work they most like to do.

Someone who has the time to create the relationship is probably someone who I’ll call on to work with me on an upcoming project.

Recently, I took that principle and reversed it. I think that all the HR consulting practitioners in the region would benefit from having a single place to be in touch with each other, so I created a couple of things. The first was a discussion list (which I discontinued) and the second is a message board.

So far it is quite dormant, and we’ll see if anything happens to this virtual network/community. Here is the URL:

HR Consultant Networking


At different times in the past I have been able to land projects but not been able to adequately staff them with the kind of people I really would like to have.

In fact, the problem has been so acute, that I have sometimes have felt as if I could not bid on larger projects because I could not find the right team to execute it.

Partly motivated by that problem, I recently started up a message board for HR Consultants.

This discussion list will hopefully become a home for those of us who are working in this area.

Click below to be taken to the message board:

CaribHRForum 2007 Survey Results


The members of CaribHRForum responded to a simple survey in 2007 on their priority areas of interest, and how the forum could be expanded. The results have been compiled here, and include a copy of the actual survey instrument used.

To receive a summary of the results, you are invited to send an email to Upon receipt by our auto responder, a confirmation email will be sent to your email inbox, which you must respond to in order to receive the report. Simply click on the link that looks like this when the confirmation email is received:

There were some great suggestions, and I was surprised to discover which topics were of the greatest importance to HR practitioners. Someone suggested doing a more -in-depth survey of the entire memberships of HRMAB, HRMATT and HRMAJ — the three largest bodies. I think the idea has some merit.