This flies in the face of Caribbean Practice


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From an article in HBR, August 2003, by Larry Summers, ex-President of Harvard University:

“But what is most special about the American research university is that it is a place where the authority of ideas, rather than the idea of authority, reigns supreme. At Harvard, we consider it an extremely important accomplishment when a 25-year old graduate student who has been here a mere 18 months makes a discovery that disproves the pet theory of a 55-year old professor who has been here 30 years. Indeed, the professor whose theory has been disproved might be the first to congratulate that graduate student.”

Hmm… food for thought, as this applies so far and wide in Caribbean societies — in business, academia, the church and elsewhere.

Networking Articles in the Gleaner


This week, there were a couple of articles on the topic of networking in the Gleaner, referencing some of the work of Framework Consulting.

May 15th

An article entitled: Building an Online Presence was written primarily for young professionals in the JobSmart section of the Gleaner Online

May 16th

Also, an article entitled: Networking: Moving Beyond the Cocktail Circuit summarizing the JEF convention 2007 speech recently given.