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firstcutsThe new issue of FirstCuts is available  – A Propensity to Protest

This is issue 32, and you can find out why I wouldn’t take book a space on a Caribbean space shuttle to orbit the earth, if it were available!

(There’s a possible bit of controversy in this month’s issue…)

You can also access the audio version of the article here.

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4 thoughts on “A Propensity to Protest – FirstCuts32

  1. Bruce Kelly

    man oh man what an ariticle and i will not start on the cricket thing. this is so prevelant in the organisations in which i have worked and again last week in my current position. i cannot fathom nor even begin to understand a comment i got last week from a senior member of the management team.

    on trying to change something i was told that “this is the tradition”. little does this manager know that this went out wiht the ark. talk about a lack of accountability and responsibility. when oh when are caribbean managers going to start taking some real calculated risk? do they need to be disciplined first?

  2. fwade

    Bruce — you are too funny! I am lucky to have seen real accountability up front and personal… but that came from experience! I now think we can’t get to where we want unless we face where we are coming from.

  3. Fiona Roffey

    Hey Francis, what a great article, you nailed it on the the head. As to whether we can ever get out of that mindset is another thing. For me it all boils down to how we treat with people. I have seen it live where people bring their baggage into their agenda, and the fairness to all goes out the window. Emotional intelligence is clearly lacking!

    We have to raise the bar somehow, and I totally agree with Bruce and your comments – where are we coming from? Perhaps people cant see that or dont want to? We continue to do it the same way, where is the out of the box thinking, and the desire to want to be ‘out of that box”?

    Many managers are mentored by others, and they seem to take on that persona versus being able to bring their own character and beliefs into situations. Do we become complacent in the fact that – its always been done that way and thus creating the circle culture. We are afraid to change it seems, and accountability is hardly visible.

    Great article, keep on writing!

  4. fwade

    True — it takes courage to see things differently and to champion them.

    Our Caribbean companies are “not easy” on the young and out of the box thinkers…

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