CaribHR.Radio and BusinessSuiteToday


Last year at this time, I was just starting out on my journey in radio — without a clue as to what I was doing.
I often think that I still don’t have a clue, but it appears that out there somewhere people are listening.
CaribHR.Radio, my biweekly program for HR practitioners across the region, has had almost 2000 listeners so far — in about 6 programmes. Click here to link to past shows archived at

Also, tonight I resume my hosting of BusinessSuiteToday on Bess100FM here in Jamaica — it can be heard online from anywhere in the world from 5-7pm (but my segment starts at 6pm) — click here to tune in on Thursday nights.

For past episodes, visit this link which will take you to the Businessuite page.

It’s been enjoyable so far, but radio does have its scary moments when nothing seems to be working as it should! The technology is more than a little daunting, but when it works, it’s a bit magical.