No Such Thing as Corporate Culture?


The following article claims that’s there’s no such thing as corporate culture: Why Corporate Culture is a Myth.

I’d love to hear what you think, because I was more convinced than ever that it’s real as described by the following attributes listed in the article:

  1. Creation story (like in the Bible)
  2. Creed (as in “this is the Cubs’ year”)
  3. Rituals (banging drums in the sweat lodge)
  4. Icons (dazzling the senses, from coffee to doughnuts)
  5. Sacred words (”grande decaf latte, please”)
  6. Pagans (those who refuse to drink the Kool-Aid)
  7. Fearless Leader (from Buddha to Welch)

Seems like a good descriptor of the elements of a corporate culture, and could make for some interesting comparisons between cultures.

But read the article and tell me what YOU think…