Pagev31Finally it’s ready – a brand new compilation of articles that covers all my columns through December 2018.

If you have been a regular reader you may be interested in catching up on any articles you may have missed. I know that it’s difficult to read everything due to the fortnightly nature of my columns in Jamaica.

But you can also read articles as far back as 2010, making sure that you haven’t missed a single one.

If you happen to be a new reader, welcome to you! This summary will take you to over 120 articles written for the press in the last few years. Each of them tackles a topic I hope you find interesting.

They cover a single theme – how to make the Caribbean workplace more productive.

In addition, you will find access to over 50 radio interviews (via CaribHR.Radio) plus a few television interviews.

Follow your interests from one topic to the next – I hope you find the work I have done to be valuable. Also, you may use the compilation as a resource by doing a search for keywords you already have an interest in exploring. This will shorten the time it takes for you to grab a useful insight just before you need it!

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