Getting married


Today is exactly 7 days from when I get married here in Jamaica, to a wonderful woman I met in Florida. The great thing is that I met her on, which turned out to be the best system I discovered for meeting women, getting in communication with them, and then deciding to meet them based on the interaction.

It’s a great example of a shared community — one that does not have completely open, and public communication, but instead has many, many shared communications.

(If you’re someone looking to meet a significant other, then… yes, I strongly recommend the service.)

But the point of mentioning it is to highlight the power of an invented, online community. If the product of is dates, long-term relationships and marriages, then it’s doing a great job at providing exactly what is promises from my point of view.

This is actually a more measurable outcome than other sites that are only about sharing ideas, some of which are useful, and the majority of which are not. Does this make more relevant or important?

I’m not sure… but I do know that I’m getting married next week, and it’s due to, and it would not be happening otherwise.