Trinis in Jamaica


My colleagues and I are engaged in a very interesting project: what is the Trinidadian manager’s experience in Jamaica?

We are also on the lookout for some help.

Recently, we completed the first report from the Caribbean Acquisition Project. We decided to do a follow-up study, interviewing Trinidadian executives on a few dimensions of their relationship with Jamaican workers who, from all accounts and my own experience, differ significant from the workers they deal with at home in Trinidad.

This difference is one that they are not prepared to deal with, unless they have spent significant time working in Jamaica.

Without going into too many details about what we are finding, suffice it so say that some of the results are surprising yet, thankfully, not impossible to deal with effectively. The problem is that currently exists no resource to deal with the gap that Trinis face when coming to manage Jamaicans (or Barbadians, or Guyanese, or anyone else for that matter.)

The odds, however, of a Trinidadian executive being sent to run a company in Jamaica are greater than any other combination of 2 nationalities, due to Trinidad’s economic strength, Jamaicans’ willingness to emigrate and the poor historic performance of Jamaican managers. This makes for a sizeable population of Trinidadian expat managers in Jamaica, many of whom are willing to be interviewed!

And this is where we could use the help — to identify Trini executives working in Jamaica, or who worked in Jamaica for at least six months.

Email me directly with any one you might know who qualifies.