Open Positions at Framework Consulting


We at Framework rely heavily on a network of paid and unpaid professionals. Some work on projects directly for clients. Others provide services for Framework capabilities, such as our ezine or web-site. The vast majority are willing to share their ideas and input to help improve our thinking, often without being asked — comments to this blog are an example.

At times, however, we are looking for specific kinds of expertise that we have started to let the world know that we need.

The first requirement is simple — anyone who agrees to work with us must agree to get more for themselves than they give in any assignment, position or project. In other words, it is their responsibility to ensure that the balance of benefits is always working in their favour, whether actual pay is involved or not.

I’ll be posting up some more thoughts on the kind of people we work best with at a later time and link it to this post, which I will update on a regular basis.

Consulting Project Positions: none at the moment

Administrative Non-Consulting Positions: none at the moment

Web Designer: We are looking for someone to edit and update the Framework blogs and website. The edits are relatively minor, and don’t involve changing manor aspects of these sites.

Job Description
Preferably living in Jamaica, the Web Designer must have a working knowledge of html.

Volunteer Positions: 3 at the moment

eBook- Designer: We are looking for someone to be either a co-author (unpaid) or designer of an ebook on the topic of Caribbean Networking.

Job Description
— an experienced writer to create a 20-30 page ebook about networking in the Caribbean.
The content has already been created, and exists the following forms:
— blogs
— presentations in Power Point
— recorded speeches
— recorded video
— design all layout and formats for ebook
— place all graphics and video, plus hyperlinks

The ebook should cover everything from:
– Table of contents
– Introduction
– Relevant statistics
– Barriers to networking across the region
– The old methods of networking
– Authentic interests
– Using technology
– Conclusion
– Copyright statement
– Disclaimer statement

The book needs to be in conversational English and needs to be grammatically correct.

The book needs to be in MS word in landscape format with a workbook field, and easy-to-use forms

Send email to

Blog Editor: An editor who can read through the Framework blog and make corrections in spelling, missing words, shockingly poor grammar, etc. The Editor will also apply a relevant label to each entry.

Send email to

Time Management Content Contributor: We are in the process of rolling out a new time management course with the flexibility to be useful to any professional in the Caribbean.

The ideas for the course are still being fleshed out, but this 3-6 month project will involve looking at the ideas that have been developed to date, and working to improve them.

This position requires a willingness to learn how to use a wiki, a knowledge of how to access a blog and a bonafide interest in coming up with practical ideas to include in this open source effort.

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