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Framework One-Page Digest Volume 2 Issue 10.0

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This issue addresses the skill of networking here in the Caribbean. What is the downfall of having a networking that hardly extends beyond national boundaries? What is the benefit of having one that is not just large, but is also far-reaching?

(social networking): Other social networking sites exist, but they have none of the “juice” that Facebook has. If you have any interest at all in building a network of professional friends, then this tool is simply the easiest to use, and will save you the most time. The others that exist — Plaxo and LinkedIn are useful, but quite static. (P.S. When you join Facebook, add me as your friend! To see my listing click here.)

The New Networking (e-book): Click at left… just in case you have not received my free 37 page multimedia text on the new way to use the internet to build a Caribbean network. If you have already claimed your copy, use the form on the page to tell your friends — after all, sharing solid information is one of the easiest ways I recommend you use to build your network.

CaribHRForum (discussion list): CaribHRForum is a discussion list for HR professionals that has almost 200 members, and acts as the sole meeting place between conferences held twice a year. Click the “Join” tab to see the easy instructions on how to join the list.

Google Yourself (search): Go ahead — see what is being said about you on the internet. I was startled to find that I had been rated quite poorly by an anonymous disgruntled, former student. Apparently, a namesake of mine was also indicted for stealing (pick-pocketing) in 1832 on April 10th (my actual birthday.) Click here to see the proceedings. My point here is that someone out there is defining who you are for the world, and this might be helping or hindering your ability to network. Read my networking e-book above to see what you can do about this recent fact of professional life.


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