FirstCuts30 – Action the Obama Way


The latest issue of FirstCuts, my bi-monthly newsletter is available at the following link:

It starts with the following introduction:


I don’t know how Obama would do if he were an executive in our
region, and I don’t know if he has ever worked in our part of the

However, after writing this month’s issue I now have an idea
of what he’d have to do to address the plantation slavery
work-ethic that has prevailed for over 500 years.

It’s not that we ourselves don’t have a clue, but I have found
that the clearer I understand the world in which I operate, the
better I am at succeeding within it. Some of the most exciting
moments I have ever had, have occurred when I learned something
new about something I had been doing for some time.

Perhaps that’s not a bad way to describe what I have been trying
to do for my readers in each issue of FirstCuts, and especially
in this issue.


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